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Say bye-bye to manual efforts in handling your client profiles and creating sales documents. With our Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), you can effortlessly monitor expenses, oversee cash flow, produce quotations and invoices, generate sales reports, and much more—all conveniently centralized in a single platform at!

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

The Person Behind

Meet Chris Thoo, a seasoned web developer who embarked on his digital journey in 2006. Hailing from Malaysia, Chris is not just a tech enthusiast but also a thriving business entrepreneur. Currently he runs Prolific Scope Sdn Bhd, a dynamic digital marketing agency.

Manual Documentation 🙁

Back in the day, Chris used to spend a ton of time making quotes and invoices for his clients. He was doing it the old-school way with Excel sheets, and it was a real pain. Plus, mistakes would sneak in here and there.

So, Chris had an idea 💡why not make things easier?

CRM with Automated
E-Invoicing System

He came up with this thing called a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It’s like a smart tool that helps organize stuff for your business. 

Chris used it for his own company and loved ❤️ it so much that he thought, “Why not share this with everyone?”

Go Paperless!

And that’s how was born! Chris wants to help other Malaysian business folks ditch the paperwork. He wants them to stop dealing with messy client info and all the headaches of managing sales documents like quotes, invoices, and proposals.

Do More With Less!

Today, he’s officially launching, hoping it makes life simpler for fellow business owners.

Chris dreams of a world where Malaysian businesses can kick back, go digital, and say goodbye to all those manual headaches.

Cheers to a paperless future! 🚀